May 1, 2018

An Update From Greg: Welcome Back for Term Two!

Incredibly its May already. Term 2 has kicked off and the year is almost halfway through!

In the past few months we have been busy supporting and attending a number of educational conferences and during the break, we have been assisting numerous schools to transition to the Cloud.

A Busy School Holidays

As a part of transitioning to these new cloud systems and toolsets, it is critical schools understand the different methods in which this can be achieved. The change management considerations are often an item that falls by the wayside. The days have past when you return from break to find you have a new PC with a new version of Windows and Office. The days where you would continue to save data to the teacher’s drive. Migrating to pure Cloud technologies not only changes the toolsets but the method in which schools work and operate. There is a lot to consider and the “big bang” change of the past system upgrades is not as easy, especially when all stakeholders need some form of Professional Development to understand how to operate and make the most of these fantastic technologies.

Welcoming New Additions to the New Era IT Team

Moving into term two, we continue to grow and develop our teams and deliver as much local support as possible to our clients.  To this end, I am proud to introduce Auckland Client Manager Michael and National Business Development Manager Nelson Williams. Both Michael and Nelson have a huge amount of School and cloud technology experience between them and are looking forward to working closely with new and existing clients.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a great term two and of course, if there is anything you require around ICT please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team!

Greg Strachan

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